Faith Based Travels


Trips such as these can serve as a wonderful and vibrant part of your ministry and we would love to help you bring these enriching experiences to your church.

Putting together a Christian trip is quite easy – you simply select an itinerary from the enclosed Faith Based Travel Guide and help spread the word about the trip. We do the rest. We take care of all the logistics and details, so you can devote yourself to the most important part of the trip – bringing the Christian faith alive for your group travelers.

Christian travel offers a multitude of wonderful benefits including:

1. Building fellowship

2. Deepening the faith of members

3. Enriching lives and relationships

4. Developing a closer bond between pastors and members

5. Providing opportunities to experience the Christian faith and sites first-hand

6. Increasing members involvement and volunteerism in the church

7. Developing/ renewing a hunger for God’s word

Plus – you can travel FREE!

Ask us how!


Choose from the extensive array of luxury travel packages and we have, ranging from:

  • Holy Land Tours

  • Church Heritage tours

  • Bible land Cruises of St Paul's Journeys

  • River Cruises

  • Retreat Cruises

  • Beyond the Holy Land

  1. Even with the one of these packages, you could request a “land only” arrangement.

  2. For a larger groups of 20 or more, we can even customize a package for you.

  3. For a larger groups of 40 or more, we can even tailor-make a package for you.

It all begins with:

A call to Di’ Lux Travel 914 228 6900

Or an email to



We believe that travel is inherently associated with our God-given curiosity. And keeping with the source of that curiosity, each of faith-based journey centers around Christian faith. If you are seeking growth in faith, connection to your spiritual origins, and encounters with God’s; work around the world, a faith-based journey is for you!

  • In our journeys, you are encouraged to:

  • Lead devotionals,

  • Meditate

  • Contemplate

  • Experience the presence of Jesus

  • Broaden your spiritual horizons


Most of our packages encompass from the time you board the plane until the time you arrive home.

  • Round-trip international airfare

  • Airport transfers

  • First-class accommodations

  • Breakfast and dinner, daily

  • Expert faith-based tour guides

  • Deluxe motorcoach transportation


We have partnered with ETS, a leader in Faith-based Travel for more than 50 years. We believe travel should be more than just a vacation. Travel has the capacity to renew a Christian’s faith in transformative ways.

Explore the roots of your faith, learn about the Biblical events and where they took place, follow in the footsteps of our spiritual forefathers, immerse yourself in a new culture, fellowship with other Christians and deeply engage yourself as these experiences renew and transforms you.

As much as possible we take care of the rest of your requirements so that your experience remains centered in faith and the Glory of God.

Catholic pilgrimages to the Holy Land, various Shrines and retreats is one of our unique specialties.

In these pilgrimages, we even arrange daily Eucharistic celebrations